Sheffield trio found guilty of murder following drive-by shooting

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Three men who shot a man in a drive-by shooting on a Sheffield street have been found guilty of his murder.

Matthew Cohen, 29, Dale Gordon, 33 and Keil Bryan, 31 shot Aseel Al-Essaie after a verbal altercation as he sat alone in a Mercedes car parked in Upperthorpe, on 18 February 2017.  The incident was witnessed by the victim’s brother.

The weapon used was a long-barrelled revolver. The bullet penetrated the 23-year-old's lung, heart and abdomen and he died in hospital shortly after.

James Good, 30, pleaded guilty during the trial to perverting the course of justice.  Good burned out the VW Golf used in the murder in a bid to destroy evidence.

The defendants will be sentenced on 27 April.

Catherine Ainsworth from the CPS said:

"This was a cold-blooded murder in which Mr Al-Essaie was shot at point-blank range in broad daylight.

"Although only one bullet was fired, it was our case that Cohen, Gordon and Bryan murdered  Mr Al-Essaie on a joint enterprise basis.

"Cohen then arranged for Good to burnout the vehicle several miles away from the scene of the crime in an attempt to destroy the evidence.

"We hope the verdicts today have brought some comfort to Mr Al-Essaie’s family and friends."

Notes to editors

Catherine Ainsworth is a Senior District Crown Prosecutor with CPS Yorkshire and Humberside.

  • Matthew Cohen (DOB: 11/08/1988), guilty of murder and perverting the course of justice;
  • Dale Gordon (DOB: 15/07/1984), guilty of murder;
  • Keil Bryan (DOB: 23/05/1986), guilty of murder; and
  • James Good (DOB: 14/09/1987): Pleaded guilty to  perverting the course of justice.



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