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Nurse sentenced to 12 years for 23 sex offences

|News, Sexual offences

A hospital nurse who recorded videos of sedated patients for his sexual gratification has been given a custodial sentence of 12 years with an extended license period of four years, at Sheffield Crown Court today (10 May 2022).

Fourteen of the offences took place at The Royal Hallamshire Hospital, Sheffield, while the defendant was employed as a nurse in post-anaesthetic care.

Paul Grayson, 51, took videos of the intimate areas of four female patients while they were in his care, under sedation.

He also installed a camera in one of the lavatories used by female staff, in order to record some of his female colleagues using the facilities.

In addition to the recordings, further charges related to a number of inappropriate images and videos of two teenage girls unrelated to Grayson's workplace.

Kay Sadler from the CPS said: “Grayson’s actions are deplorable and disturbing - he is now facing a lengthy prison sentence.

“He betrayed the trust of sedated patients where instead of caring for them, he took complete advantage of their vulnerability for his sexual gratification.

“He also betrayed the trust of his female colleagues by concealing a camera in the staff lavatory to video them.

“Our thoughts remain with all of his victims.”

Notes to editors

  • Paul Grayson DOB: 08/09/1970
  • Kay Sadler is a Senior Crown Prosecutor in the Rape and Serious Sexual Offences Unit, CPS Yorkshire and Humberside.
  • Paul Grayson was charged with:
    • Voyeurism x14
    • Upskirting x 1
    • Taking indecent images of children x1
    • Making indecent images of children x3
    • charge relating to installation of recording equipment to record a private act x1
    • Sexual assault x 3

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