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Man sentenced to life imprisonment for murder of 23-month-old toddler

|News, Violent crime

A man who smothered his partner’s crying toddler daughter to death in a fit of temper was convicted of murder yesterday. Today he has been sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum term of 20 years.

Jonathan Garner from Hull murdered 23-month-old toddler, Mia Gregson, on 13 February 2014, by a deliberate act of smothering, which caused breathing obstruction and cardiac arrest.

She suffered irreversible brain damage and although she was rushed to hospital, died a few hours later.

Samantha Gregson, Mia’s mother, was convicted of causing or allowing the death of a child. She has been sentenced to four years in prison.

Garner was prone to frequent outbursts of temper, resulting in threatening and abusive language directed at Mia, because of her crying.

The couple lived together at the same address, and the jury heard that Gregson must have been aware of the physical risk Garner posed her child, yet took no steps to prevent it.

Both lied to police in their accounts of the events leading up to Mia’s death.

Helen Gaunt, from the CPS, said: “Mia Gregson was murdered a month before her second birthday.

"Her young life was cut short before it had barely begun, in the most tragic and horrific circumstances.

"Jonathan Garner will be serving a long prison sentence as a result of his actions. We hope that this is of some comfort to Mia’s remaining family."

Notes to editors

  • Helen Gaunt is a Specialist Prosecutor in the Complex Casework Unit, CPS Yorkshire and Humberside.
  • Jonathan Garner - DOB: 04/04/1993
  • Samantha Gregson - DOB: 06/09/1993

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