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Grimsby: Violent rapist sentenced

|News, Sexual offences

Henry Froggatt, 25, has been sentenced to 14 years and ten months after pleading guilty to physically assaulting and raping a young woman in Grimsby during the early hours of 10 March 2019.

The victim was walking home from work, talking to her friend on her mobile, when Froggatt, having followed her for a short while, dragged her under a pedestrian bridge over the railway line. He punched her four or five times to the face and then perpetrated a violent and sexual assault on her, attempting to stifle her cries for help and threatened to kill her if she made a noise.

Residents nearby heard her cries and went to the scene, where they witnessed Froggatt attempting to drag her back under the bridge. When he realised he had been seen, he fled. The victim was comforted as they waited for the police to arrive.

After an extensive public appeal, Froggatt was identified ten months later when a DNA match led to his arrest.

Jeremy Evans from the CPS said: “This young woman was subjected to an absolutely terrifying ordeal which has left her traumatised.

“The impact of sexual violence goes far beyond any physical injury and the resulting psychological trauma can be devastating.

“I would like to pay tribute to the victim, who has displayed great courage during the investigation and prosecution of this case.

“Froggatt is now beginning a long prison sentence. Although this cannot undo her suffering, I hope it is of some comfort, and our thoughts remain with her, as they have been throughout.”

Notes to editors

  • Henry Froggatt, d.o.b. 29/12/94
  • Jeremy Evans is a Principal Crown Advocate, CPS Yorkshire and Humberside.

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