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Grimsby knifeman sentenced to 15 months

|News, Violent crime

Dean White, 32, has been sentenced today (6 July) at Grimsby Crown Court to 15 months in prison. He pleaded guilty at an earlier hearing to possession of a bladed article, threats to kill, and child neglect.

Police were called to Seaview Street, Grimsby, in the early hours of 3 May, where the defendant was holding a small child and calling for help. When the police arrived, White ran away with the child in his arms before turning to confront the officers. It became apparent that he was holding a knife with a ten inch long blade, was under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and behaving erratically.

White held the knife to the child’s throat, threatening to kill her. The situation developed into a stand-off in a nearby cul-de-sac as White continued to threaten to kill the child and himself. Further officers equipped with tasers were deployed, trained negotiators called to the scene, and an armed response unit put on standby. At one point, White cut his own neck and wrist, soaking his t-shirt in blood. An ambulance was summoned.

After almost two hours, White released the child and surrendered the knife, and was immediately arrested.

Jeremy Evans from the CPS said: “This was an horrific incident fuelled by cocaine and alcohol. The police officers at the scene were in genuine fear for the safety of the child and believed the defendant’s threats to kill her.

“Thankfully the incident was eventually brought to a safe conclusion and the little girl was not physically harmed.

“White is now beginning a fifteen-month sentence. I hope he uses this time to reflect on the absolute folly of his actions.”

Notes to editors

  • Dean White, D.o.B: 7/7/87
  • Jeremy Evans is a Senior Crown Advocate with CPS Yorkshire & Humberside
  • Sentence breakdown:
    • Threats to kill: 15 months
    • Child neglect: 10 months, concurrent
    • Possession of a bladed article: 8 months, concurrent

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