Fraud gang jailed for over 31 years for heartless fraud on elderly victims


At Hull Crown Court today (1 December) Amanul Islam, Mizan Ali, Abdul Ali, Tanvir Ahmed, Mohammed Miah, Ruhin Khan, Ali Nuruddin, Junaid Patwary and Abu Kaher have been sentenced to a total of 31 years two months for their parts in a heartless and elaborate fraud.

Nuruddin was also sentenced to a further 15 months in prison  for a similar offence committed in May 2017 in Hertfordshire.

In June 2015 the defendants operated as a team, targeting elderly people in the Humberside area.  The fraudsters  would contact their victims by phone, pretending to be police officers and alleging that criminal activity was taking place on their bank accounts or at their bank branch. Having obtained their trust, the victims were persuaded to  hand over large amounts of cash, often their life’s savings.

The amount actually lost was £39,500 from six  victims; a further  £84,150 was attempted from eleven further identifiable victims. The police investigation revealed that hundreds of numbers had been unsuccessfully contacted. Had all these attempted frauds been successful,  the total loss would have been about £112,000.

Helen Wheatley from the CPS said: "This was a heartless, elaborate and sophisticated fraud, in which the defendants targeted elderly people aged between 72 and 94 in the Humberside area, in some cases defrauding them of their life’s savings. It was a systematically planned and highly organised operation. 

"By posing as police officers, they cynically exploited the victims' trust and conned them into handing over thousands of pounds.  Sadly the losses have not only been financial. All of the victims have suffered emotionally as a result of the fraud and unfortunately three have since died without knowing what the outcome of this case would be.

"The CPS has worked closely from  an early stage with West Yorkshire Police and Humberside Police  during a complex investigation  which lasted two and a half years. 

“We were able to provide ongoing advice  as the investigation broadened from the initial arrest of two defendants for one fraud into the building of the  current case, with nine defendants being sentenced today for their parts in a widespread conspiracy, eight of whom pleaded guilty in the face of the overwhelming evidence against them.

"I hope the sentences handed down today will be of some comfort to the victims and their families."

Notes to editors

  1. Helen Wheatley is a Senior Crown Prosecutor with CPS Yorkshire and Humberside.
  2. The defendants were sentenced as follows:
    • Pleaded guilty:
      • Amanul Islam: Three years
      • Mizan Ali: Eight months
      • Abdul Ali: Three years seven months
      • Tanvir Ahmed: Four years
      • Mohammed Miah: Four years
      • Ruhin Khan: Three years seven months
      • Ali Nuruddin: Four years  plus 15 months to be served consecutively for a similar offence committed on 10 May 2017 in Hertfordshire whilst on bail.
      • Junaid Patwary: Four years
    • Found guilty after trial
      • Abu Kaher: Five years
    • Found not guilty after trial
      • Syed Rashid

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