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Former soldier sentenced for brutal attacks on two women

|News, Violent crime , Domestic abuse

Former soldier Stefan Carr has been sentenced to a total of eight years and three months, plus three years on licence, at Leeds Crown Court today (23 September) for brutally attacking both his partner and his ex-partner in quick succession.

Carr, who had previous convictions for violence towards women, entered a relationship with his first victim in May 2011. His verbal abuse escalated to physical violence, and in April 2018, she left with their two children. Meanwhile Carr began a relationship with a woman who was to become his second victim.

However Carr remained in touch with  his ex-partner and, in late autumn 2018, believing her to have started a relationship with someone else, attacked her in a jealous rage, arriving at her home unannounced, demanding to see her phone and laptop, and punched her in the face, causing her to black out.

On 13 January, Carr again turned up at her house and this time the violence, which all took place in the presence of her five year old son, escalated further. He not only banged her head on the ground, he attempted to suffocate her; first with a cushion and then by putting a hand over her mouth and squeezing her nose. When she reached for the landline to call 999, Carr grabbed the phone from her and wrapped the cord round her neck. She managed to escape and called the police.

On 4 May, while he was on bail in respect of these assaults, Carr engaged his second victim in a loud and highly emotional argument. This escalated into repeated physical assaults which lasted nearly an hour, as he pushed her from room to room, held a pillowcase over her face, and forced his fist down her throat. At one point he fashioned a noose out of a length of rope and lifted her off the ground and bit her face. He also threatened her with a knife.

Eventually the victim persuaded Carr to take her to hospital. But after driving a short distance he said he was going to drive the car into the reservoir at Fairburn Ings and drown them both, and that if he went to prison he would have her, her partner and son all killed. At that point the police arrived.

Jonathan Sharp from the CPS said: “Carr is a highly dangerous criminal. His violence against both women was absolutely brutal. It quickly reached a disturbing and manipulative intensity, leaving both women terrified for their lives.

“They have both demonstrated great courage in helping the police with their investigation. Our thoughts remain with them, as they continue to rebuild their lives. We hope that the lengthy sentence imposed today is of some comfort to them.”

Notes to editors

  • Jonathan Sharp is Principal Crown Advocate, CPS Yorkshire and Humberside
  • Stefan Carr (dob 28/10/90) pleaded guilty at an earlier hearing to two counts of actual bodily harm and one count of attempting to cause grievous bodily harm
  • The total sentence was eleven years three months (Eight years and three months plus an additional three years on license).

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