Couple found guilty of causing toddler’s death

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A couple have been convicted of causing the death of a toddler after they lied to cover up the true cause of his injuries.

Kile Campbell, from Huddersfield, was found guilty at Leeds Crown Court on 13 June 2019 of murdering three-year-old Riley Siswick and was sentenced to serve 20 years in prison.

Riley’s mother, Kayleigh Siswick, was found guilty of causing or allowing the death of a child and was sentenced to serve seven years in prison.

Paramedics were called to the home on the morning of Saturday, 6 February 2016 to find the toddler lifeless. It was clear that he had been dead for a number of hours.

The court heard that Riley had been seriously ill since Thursday, and neither of the pair had taken any steps to obtain medical help for him, when it would be clear to any adult that the child was desperately ill.

They also falsely claimed they had checked on him during the night and that he had been ‘fine’.

Experts established that Riley’s death was caused by a violent punch or a stamp. The fatal blow was delivered with such force it ruptured Riley’s bowel, causing acute peritonitis and septic shock.

He would have been in immediate and severe pain, and his condition continued to deteriorate over the next 36 hours until he died.

Helen Gaunt, from the CPS, said: “Riley Siswick’s life was cut short at the age of three by a brutal act of considerable violence.

“This poor child suffered an agonising and lingering death at the hands of those who should have protected him from harm. His last hours must have been filled with unimaginable suffering.

“The jury have concluded that Kile Campbell killed Riley, and that Kayleigh Siswick chose to protect her partner rather than call medical aid for her desperately ill child.

“Siswick and Campbell have now been convicted and will serve lengthy prison sentences for their appalling crime. I hope this brings some comfort to Riley’s remaining family.”

Notes to editors

  • Helen Gaunt is a Specialist Prosecutor in the Complex Casework Unit at CPS Yorkshire and Humberside.
  • Kile Campbell [DOB: 29/12/1991] was also sentenced for two years for Assault and two years for Aggravated Bodily Harm, to be served concurrently with other sentences
  • Kayleigh Siswick [DOB: 06/12/1991].

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