Woman jailed for stalking former partner

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A 21-year-old woman has today been sentenced to nine months' imprisonment at Shrewsbury Crown Court, after pleading guilty to stalking and impersonating a police officer.

Lauren Adderley, from Shrewsbury, was in a brief relationship with the victim, during that time she told him that she had been the victim of a sexual offence earlier in her life. The victim encouraged the defendant to report that offence to the police and she agreed to, providing that he would act as a witness and give a supporting statement to the police.

Once he agreed she created a number of fake police e-mail accounts and was frequently in contact with the victim pretending to be an investigating officer and a senior police officer. Adderley also set up a number of fake social media and e-mail accounts for other witnesses whom she claimed had made statements, one of which  purported to be the senior lawyer dealing with the offence. She used all of the accounts to manipulate the victim into doing what she wanted under threat of financial and social 'sanctions' from the fake officers.

It was only when the victim referred the matter to a colleague at work, that he realised the e-mail accounts were not secure and that he should report the matter to the police.

Adderley was arrested and she pleading guilty to stalking and impersonating a police constable. She was handed a nine month prison sentence for stalking and four months' imprisonment to be served concurrently for impersonating a police officer.

Jason Corden-Bowen, District Crown Prosecutor and Domestic Abuse Lead with West Midlands Crown Prosecution Service, said:

"Lauren Adderley created a complicated fiction of multiple fake profiles interacting with each other to her own satisfaction and reason. She used this sophisticated catfish style behaviour to completely manipulate the victim's life, dictating when he could go out, where he could go and controlled his social interaction with other people for over two years.

"The impact her actions had on the victim's life cannot be understated and I would like to pay tribute to him for helping bring Adderley to justice. 

"We encourage anyone exposed to behaviour like this to report the matter. The Crown Prosecution Service views offending like this with the utmost gravity and will work to support you throughout the prosecution process. Please remember that any official correspondence with criminal justice partners should be through official channels such as secure e-mail."

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