UPDATE: 20-year-old convicted for murder after beating 87 year old victim

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A burglar who beat an 87-year-old man as he ransacked his home before stealing sentimental jewellery has been found guilty of murder.

Arthur Gumbley died in hospital three weeks after he was attacked by 20-year-old Jason Wilsher and another unknown man.

Wilsher was found guilty today (21 March) by a jury at Stafford Crown Court.

His victim had been watching television in November 2017 when the raiders broke into his bungalow by smashing the glass in the back door. Mr Gumbley, who used a walking stick, confronted them in the hallway and was punched and kicked to the ground and dragged along the floor, causing him carpet burns.

The attackers ransacked Mr Gumbley’s home and stole various items including sentimental jewellery, which belonged to the his late wife. They pulled the watch from the pensioner’s hand with such force that it caused a wound to his wrist. He later died as a result of his injuries.

The sentencing hearing will take place tomorrow (Friday 22 March).

Jason Corden-Bowen, from the CPS, said: “This was a callous and brutal attack on a vulnerable elderly gentleman who posed no threat to the men who broke into his home.

“Wilsher denied ever being in Mr Gumbley’s bungalow but our case included DNA evidence and CCTV footage of a vehicle, both of which linked back to the offender. He continually lied to cover his tracks - he initially denied that the DNA was his and then that it had been transferred to the scene by one of his relatives. The jury clearly rejected that account.

“Wilsher has a record of offending against old and vulnerable victims, which include violent offences, burglary and robbery. He is a danger to society and will now face the consequences of his actions.”

UPDATE: Wilsher was sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum term of 33 years on 22 March 2019.

Notes to editors

  • Jason Corden-Bowen is a District Crown Prosecutor with CPS West Midlands
  • Jason Wilsher (DOB 14/02/1999) denied murder and conspiracy to rob but was found guilty of both charges following trial.
  • He was sentenced on 22 March 2019 to life imprisonment with a minimum term of 33 years for murder and 16 years concurrent for conspiracy to rob.

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