Serial sex offender jailed for life

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A CONVICTED sex offender who raped a stranger outside a nightclub has on 15 April been sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum of 7 years to be served in custody.

Kenneth Anthony Hall, 56, attacked the woman by a market stall in Redditch last September after she had left a nearby nightclub

Hall pushed her to the ground, punched her, grabbed her by the throat before raping her.

The attack was interrupted by three women who had also left the club and as a result, Hall ran away to a nearby taxi rank leaving his victim injured on the ground. Police traced him from CCTV footage and his taxi journey. His blood on the victim’s clothing and the victim’s DNA under his fingernails positively identified him as her attacker.

He was today given the maximum penalty after the Judge took into account two previous convictions which were both for serious sexual assaults against children in the 1990’s.

Julia McSorley, Senior Crown Prosecutor for CPS West Midlands said: “Hall is clearly a very dangerous man with a disturbing history of sickening sex attacks.
“The sentence he has been given today shows the gravity of his offending and we hope it brings some comfort to the victim of this rape and those affected by his appalling crimes.
“Stranger rape cases are rare and the CPS worked tirelessly with the police to unpick Hall’s lies and prove his guilt for this savage attack.” 

Notes to editors

  • The attack occurred on 29 September 2018 in Redditch, Worcestershire.
  • This follows on from two previous convictions which were rape of minor/child and in the separate incident an indecent assault of the same child.

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