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Lithuanian man jailed for a second time for stalking

|News, Domestic abuse

A Lithuanian man, who was deported following a conviction for stalking but found a way back to the country to torment the same victim, has been jailed for three years.

Tomas Mazrimas, 41, was sentenced at Stafford Crown Court yesterday (Tuesday 8 October) for stalking the woman in an ordeal that lasted almost two years.

Mazrimas was in a relationship with the victim between November 2017 and January 2018 and he began stalking her after the relationship ended.

In February 2019, he was convicted of stalking, sentenced to 27 weeks' imprisonment and later deported to Lithuania. The Crown Prosecution Service also obtained a restraining order to protect the victim.

In Lithuania he changed his first name, obtained new identification and travelled back to this country. As soon as he returned, he immediately started stalking the victim again, bombarding her with a barrage of phone calls and texts.

He also threatened to kill the victim, her 12-year-old daughter and her boyfriend. On one occasion, he went to her home at night and smashed the outer pane of her door.

Mazrimas admitted acting in breach of a restraining order and stalking involving fear of violence at the first hearing in August 2019 and was sentenced at Stafford Crown Court yesterday.

Jason Corden-Bowen from the CPS said: “Like many rejected stalkers, Mazrimas refused to accept the relationship had ended and he subjected the victim to a cruel campaign of abuse.

“This caused her great distress and anxiety and the impact of stalking offences such as this cannot be understated.

“Today, justice has been served and he will serve a prison sentence for this heinous crime.”

Notes to editors

  • Sentencing details:
    • Count 1: Breach of restraining order - 12 months concurrent
    • Count 2: Stalking - 36 months' imprisonment
    • Total sentence: 36 months
  • The Crown has now asked for the restraining order to be extended to 10 years
  • Jason Corden-Bowen is a District Crown Prosecutor for CPS West Midlands.

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