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Jake Notman pleads guilty to manslaughter of Lauren Bloomer

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A man has pleaded guilty to manslaughter after fatally stabbing his girlfriend and driving his car over her body.

Jake Notman, 28, of Tamworth, pleaded guilty to manslaughter today (24 November 2021) at Stafford Crown Court for unlawfully killing his girlfriend Lauren Bloomer. He was sentenced at the same court today to eight years and eight months imprisonment.

Lauren Bloomer, 25, was brutally attacked by Jake Notman in the early hours of 20 November 2020 outside her home on Bingley Avenue, suffering 30 separate wounds.

Notman was seen inflicting those wounds and choking her before getting into his car and running her over while she was in the road. Tragically, Ms Bloomer died at the scene.

Mark Paul of the CPS said: “It is impossible to comprehend how much Lauren Bloomer's family has suffered and will continue to suffer as a result of Lauren's completely unnecessary killing. My heartfelt condolences continue to be with them.

“Notman had ingested cannabis which led to a psychotic episode. Three forensic consultant psychiatrists concluded Notman had experienced a highly unusual type of psychosis at the time of the killing, which meant that he could not form the intention to commit murder, even the type of intention that can still be formed when a person has consumed drugs or alcohol.

“This expert advice meant there was no longer a realistic chance of conviction for the original charge of murder, and Notman has now accepted responsibility for the unlawful killing of Lauren Bloomer by entering a guilty plea to manslaughter.

“We fully explained to Lauren’s family why the murder charge could not be pursued."

Notes to editors

  • Mark Paul is a Senior District Crown Prosecutor for CPS West Midlands.

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