Ex-surgeon guilty of lying in interview to get £84k job

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A doctor who lied to an interview panel to get a job as a specialist cancer surgeon has been found guilty of fraud today. The jury at Worcester Crown Court heard how he exaggerated his qualifications and experience to secure the £84,000-a-year post.

In 2011, the Worcester Acute Hospital Trust advertised for three consultant general surgeons with expertise in the removal of a section of the colon using keyhole surgery. In his CV and application form, Sudip Sarker 48, created the impression that he was a very experienced surgeon with the skills and experience to teach others.

He then told the interview panel that he was ideally suited as he had performed the procedure – called laparoscopic sigmoid colectomies - more than 80 times. He claimed that in 51 of these he had carried out the operation independently. In fact he had done the procedure no more than 31 times, only six times by himself. 

Sarker was successful and became a consultant surgeon at the Alexander Hospital in Redditch.

Sarker denied he had deliberately misrepresented himself regarding his experience. He claimed that he had misunderstood the question asked of him, and was instead providing a “guess-estimate” of his experience of more general procedures. He agreed that he had struggled in the role but maintained he had the experience to perform the job that was advertised. Sarker also blamed the interview panel, who he said should have known it was his first post as a consultant and therefore they would have known he could not have performed such a number of specialist procedures.

He will be sentenced on Monday 5 February.

Dan Jones from the CPS said: “Sudip Sarker deliberately lied in his job interview claiming to be an experienced keyhole surgeon so he could get a well-paid positon at the Alexander Hospital in Redditch.

“However, he did not have the required experience or ability to undertake keyhole surgery.

“When he was found out he tried to blame others for misunderstanding or misremembering what he said. However, the jury did not accept this account and he will now have to face the consequences of his actions.”

Notes to editors

1. Sudip Sarker (dob 23/02/1969) was charged with one count of fraud contrary to sections 1(2)(a) and 2 of the Fraud Act 2006 in that he dishonestly made a false representation, namely claiming extensive laparoscopic colorectal surgical experience intending to make a gain for himself by way of his employment and the associated salary.
2. Dan Jones is a senior specialist prosecutor in the CPS based in York.

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