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CPS West Midlands: Successful Hate Crime Cases February 2022

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In February 2022, CPS West Midlands Magistrates' and Crown Court units successfully prosecuted various hate crime cases. Below are just a handful of the cases we prosecuted.

On 2 March 2021, the defendant was working for Coventry City Football Club during a game when she was asked to speak with a steward who had received racist and homophobic abuse. Before approaching the steward, she made a racist remark about him and she was charged with a racially public order offence.

The defendant denied the charge and was found guilty after a trial at Birmingham Magistrates' Court on 8 February 2022. She was fined £345, ordered to pay £500 towards prosecution costs, and ordered to pay a £35 victim surcharge. 

The defendant attended the Aston Villa vs. Leicester City football match at Villa Park on 5 December 2021 and yelled homophobic slurs at Villa supporters. He was arrested at the scene, charged with a public order offence, and appeared at Birmingham Magistrates' Court on 16 February 2022. He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to a £200 financial penalty which had been increased to reflect the homophobic hate crime.  He was also ordered to pay £135 costs and the £34 victim surcharge.

On 2 February 2022, the defendant entered a store in Birmingham's city centre and stole two bottles of wine. The wine was recovered by the staff. He then went back to the shop and attempted to steal tissues. When a member of staff looked at him, he threw some batteries at her and made a racist remark. The defendant was charged with a racially aggravated s4 public order offence, attempted theft of the bottles, and failing to comply with a Community Protection Notice because he entered an area from which he was barred by a Community Protection Notice.

The defendant pleaded guilty and was sentenced at Birmingham Magistrates’ Court on 21 February 2022.  He received a custodial sentence of six months and was informed that this had been increased by two months to reflect the hate crime. He was also ordered to pay £100 compensation.

On 1 January 2022, the defendant was arrested after an incident and taken to the hospital because he had cut his finger during that incident. Officers were called in because he was being verbally abusive at the hospital. He was warned about his behaviour, but he continued to direct homophobic abuse at one of the officers, abuse at another officer, and repeatedly spat on the walls while in custody. 

He was charged with two public order offences and criminal damage. He initially failed to appear in court, but was later arrested, appeared in court, and pleaded guilty. 

On January 31, 2022, he was sentenced at Coventry Magistrates' Court. He was given a 12-month community order with 200 hours of unpaid work which had been increased by 60 hours to reflect the hate crime. 

He was also ordered to pay £100 compensation to the officer, £125 to the police and £50 to the other officer.

On 30 October 2021 police officers on robbery patrol saw the defendant who was pushing and shoving another male.  He was informed that he would be searched for stolen items and weapons and asked for his details.  He directed racist and homophobic abuse towards the officers and then spat and urinated in the police van following his arrest.

He was charged with two racially aggravated public order offences, obstructing a police officer and criminal damage.

The defendant was sentenced at Birmingham Magistrates’ Court on the 21 February 2022.  He received a total sentence of 24 weeks imprisonment which was suspended for 18 months.  He received a six-month alcohol treatment plan and a 30-day rehabilitation activity requirement together with a curfew for 12 weeks.  He was ordered to pay £100 compensation to each officer and £50 compensation for the criminal damage.  He was informed that the custodial sentence had been increased by five weeks to reflect the hate crime.

On 11 August 2020 the defendant was arguing with his partner.  The victim, a neighbour, called to him to quieten down.  The defendant shouted homophobic abuse at the victim and when the victim went to the defendant's flat to ask him to repeat what he had said, the defendant threatened him with a hammer. 

The defendant was charged with s39 assault and first appeared at court on 13 August 2020 at Wolverhampton Magistrates’ Court.  He was convicted after trial at the same court and was sentenced on 1 February 2022. He received a one-month custodial sentence and was informed that the sentence had been increased to reflect the hate crime.

After a trial at Inner London Crown Court in February 2022, the defendant was found guilty of racially aggravated intentional harassment, alarm or distress, and three counts of assaulting emergency workers. When asked about his ticket after seeing him squeeze through barriers, the defendant was racially abusive to railway staff which caused alarm and distress to staff members. While at the custody desk, he spat at the custody officers. The defendant had also assaulted another emergency worker three months earlier when he spat in the eye of a police officer. 

The defendant, who refused to appear in person at his trial and subsequent sentencing, was sentenced to 13 months in prison. To reflect the hate crime aspect of the case, the sentence for the racially aggravated offence was increased by one month in prison. 

On 14 October 2019, the defendant pleaded guilty to two counts of racially aggravated intentional harassment, alarm, or distress and assaulting an emergency worker. Police officers were on duty at Oxford Railway Station as part of a policing operation for PC Harper's funeral.

When the defendant approached them, he made disparaging remarks about police officers. The defendant was warned about his behaviour, and then everyone went to Bicester Village Railway Station, where the officers were required to patrol. Again, the defendant made derogatory remarks before leaving the station and returning later that morning, and he made similar remarks upon his return. He was then escorted away from the train station, and his remarks escalated to racist abuse of one officer, as well as threats.

The defendant then spat at the officer, attempted to bite the other officer's hands, and continued to make personal threats to them. He then racially abused another officer who had been dispatched to the scene. He was sentenced to a two-year community order that included 120 hours of unpaid work and 20 RAR days. When sentencing him, the judge stated that if it hadn't been for the racist element, the community order would have been lower. 

On various dates in June and July 2021, the defendant pleaded guilty to 13 charges, including assaulting emergency workers, racially aggravated harassment, criminal damage, and racially aggravated common assault. On 14 February 2022, she was sentenced to 15 months in prison, suspended for two years, at Birmingham Crown Court. When sentencing her, the judge increased the sentences for the racially aggravated offences by one month each to reflect the hate crime component of the charges.

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