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Birmingham man jailed for extreme pornography

|News, Sexual offences , Drug offences

A Birmingham man has been sent to prison for possessing extreme pornography involving bestiality and child abuse images.

Jake Cunningham, 26, of Sutton Coldfield, received a six-month jail sentence for extreme pornography on Monday 30 September at Birmingham Crown Court.

He received a jail sentence for possessing 17 obscene videos which he had received via Whatsapp, all of which were still available on his Whatsapp account and had not been deleted and two of which were saved on his phone. He also shared two of these videos with at least one other person.

The disturbing videos, which featured adults and a child engaged in sexual activity with animals, were recovered by police after he was arrested on an unrelated matter.

Cunningham and an accomplice were suspects in a theft case regarding stolen property worth £1,610 from Gymshark and his phone had been seized as part of that investigation. He received 16 months' imprisonment for theft at his sentencing today.

Cunningham also received an 18-month prison sentence for possession with intent to supply drugs and a two-month concurrent prison sentence for simple possession of cocaine. His combined prison sentence is two years and 10 months.

Following sentencing, Jason Corden-Bowen of the CPS said: “Cunningham initially received these disgusting videos on his mobile phone but then actively preserved them by downloading two of the videos to his phone. That act is a serious offence which has today been met with the appropriate punishment.”

Notes to editors

  • Jake Cunningham received jail sentences for:
    • Possessing a controlled drug of class B with intent - 18 months' imprisonment
    • Theft - 16 months' imprisonment, consecutive
    • Extreme pornography (count 1) - five months' imprisonment, concurrent
    • Extreme pornography (count 2) - one month imprisonment, concurrent
    • Cocaine simple possession - two months' imprisonment, concurrent
    • Total - two years 10 months' imprisonment
  • Cunningham received the videos at various dates between 19/5/17 to 24/4/18. He received 16 of the videos as part of a Whatsapp group and he received one video from another person
  • Jake Cunningham was a suspect in the loss of stolen merchandise at Gymshark where he was working as an agency staff. The stolen items were later recovered at his home
  • Jason Corden-Bowen is a District Crown Prosecutor for CPS West Midlands.

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