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UPDATE: Violent husband who kicked his estranged wife to death has been jailed

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A man who killed his estranged wife by stamping and kicking her to death has been sentenced to serve a minimum of 17 years.

Shaun Dyson, 28, killed his estranged wife, 30-year-old Lucy-Anne Rushton by repeatedly stamping and jumping on her at her home in Andover in June.

The prolonged attack which left Ms Rushton with 37 broken ribs, a fractured breastbone and collapsed lungs happened after a witness heard Dyson telling her to swallow her wedding ring.

Dyson rang the emergency services and when they asked him whether he was carrying out CPR, he said he wasn’t because he had been asleep, implying that Ms Rushton had been dead for some time.

Sharon Douglass, of the CPS, said: “This was a brutal and extremely violent attack triggered by the jealousy of a man who had attacked her in the past. Dyson’s horrific actions have left five children without their mother.”

Building the case

The jury heard how Dyson and Ms Rushton, who married in 2010 after eloping to Gretna Green, had a ‘toxic’ relationship and there was a history of domestic violence.

The prosecution used CCTV footage showing Dyson repeatedly spitting on Ms Rushton, kicking and punching her head into a wall at a hotel in September 2018 to strengthen their case against Dyson.

Sharon Douglass continued: “The CPS presented evidence which showed the extent to which Dyson had previously assaulted Ms Rushton.

“The pattern, number and level of injuries show that Dyson intended to kill Lucy, or at the very least, cause her really serious harm.”

Dyson had previously pleaded guilty to manslaughter and following a two week trial, has today pleaded guilty to murder and will be sentenced on Friday 20 December.

Notes to editors

  • Sharon Douglass is a Senior Crown Prosecutor for CPS Wessex
  • Shaun Dyson pleaded guilty to murder and been sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum term of 16 years 185 days (17 years less time in custody 180 days)

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