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Teacher jailed for abusing four schoolgirls

|News, Sexual offences

A paedophile PE Teacher, Sean Aldridge was today sentenced to 12 years' imprisonment at Portsmouth Crown Court abusing four women while they were pupils aged 13 to 16 at Warblington School, Havant, between 2006 and 2012.

Following the sentencing hearing, Emma Lile for the Crown Prosecution Service said: "Sean Aldridge was regarded as an outstanding teacher by many however he groomed and abused the trust of four young girls who looked up to him because they believed he cared for them.

"What he cared for was only his own sexual gratification in deliberately targeting girls that he found not only attractive but who he knew were vulnerable.

"The court heard how Sean Aldridge took great steps to prevent his abuse being exposed by deleting threatening messages and how he lied to his school during a previous investigation about his contact with one of the girls.

The jury heard how while he was abusing these young girls, he climbed up the ranks from PE teacher to becoming Deputy Head and Safeguarding lead for the school.

Miss Lile said: "Sean Aldridge showed a complete disregard to the safeguarding of these then-young girls who now bear the mental scars of his abuse. He took any opportunity to have sex with them on school premises or at his home. He thought he could lead a normal life being married and having children without probably being ever caught.

"Today he has been exposed and has been sentenced for his offences towards these young women.

"We would like to thank each of them for giving their evidence as well as all the witnesses in the case and we hope that this sentence will bring them some closure."

Notes to editors

  • Emma Lile is District Crown Prosecutor for the Rape and Serious Sexual Offences Unit of the Crown Prosecution Service in Wessex.

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