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Man jailed for terrifying ordeal endured by elderly victims

|News, Violent crime

A 26-year-old man was sentenced to 13 years in prison on Friday 21 January at Newport Crown Court for subjecting three victims, all in their 80’s, to terrifying ordeals when he burgled and robbed them in May and June of last year.

Kazm Saed, from Newport, was found guilty of burglary, two counts of aggravated burglary, kidnap and robbery by a jury at Newport Crown Court last week.

On 30 May 2021, Saed broke into the house of one of the victims late at night and demanded cash and bank card from him whilst brandishing a knife.

A few days later, during the early hours of 4 June 2021, Saed broke into the home of an elderly couple and subjected them to an horrific ordeal whilst taking cash from them.

Not satisfied with the amount of cash he took, he made the couple drive to a cash machine in Newport where he then demanded that each victim withdraw £300 cash whilst threatening to harm the other with a knife if they didn’t do as he asked.

Saed insisted that the couple then drive him out of Newport before he let them go.

Further to these two terrifying incidents, Saed was also found guilty of burgling the Mountbatten Hospice Warehouse on Riverway, Newport, after he broke in and stole two computer monitors.

Saira Nisar, CPS Wessex Senior Crown Prosecutor, said: “The victims in this case were incredibly brave when Saed broke into their properties, threatened them and took their money, and indeed they demonstrated bravery and courage again by giving vital evidence against him at the trial.

“The evidence given by the victims, and the forensic evidence collected during the police investigation, ensured that the CPS could build a strong case for prosecution and that Saed faced justice for the crimes he committed.”

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