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Man detained for vicious attack on police officer

|News, Violent crime

A man has been detained indefinitely under the Mental Health Act today (12 July 2021) at Salisbury Crown Court after he attacked a police officer with a knife.

Timothy Walsh, aged 52 and from Southampton, stabbed a police officer several times in a frenzied attack in October 2020.

Police had visited Walsh, who was known to mental health services, at his home address out of concern for his welfare. Whilst attempting to gain entry to his property, Walsh appeared and violently attacked a police officer, causing them serious injuries.

At a trial in April 2021, jurors at Winchester Crown Court found that Walsh was responsible for causing the serious injuries to the officer, for assaulting a Care Assistant at Southampton General Hospital in March 2020, and also for assaulting a Mental Health Practitioner and two police officers in November 2019.

Lisa Garcia, CPS Wessex Senior Crown Prosecutor, said: “Mr Walsh suffered from an enduring mental illness which meant he was unfit to plead or stand trial. The CPS used witness statements and body worn footage to prove he did the violent acts.

“Assaulting police officers and medical staff during the execution of their duties is unacceptable under any circumstances.

“Emergency workers fulfil a vital role in society, regularly acting bravely to ensure the safety of others, and we will seek to prosecute anyone who commits a criminal offence against them.”

Notes to editors

  • Timothy Walsh, DOB 09/04/1969
  • He was detained under S.37 MHA, with a S.41 restriction imposed.

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