Man convicted of causing death by careless driving after Ferrari crash

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The owner of a luxury car storage facility has been convicted of causing death by careless driving after a teenager he took on a drive in a Ferrari was killed.

Matthew Cobden, 39, was unloading the Ferrari F50 from a trailer at his warehouse in Hampshire in August 2016 when 13-year-old Alexander Worth asked for a picture with the car. Alexander was at the site with his mother and her partner, who was delivering a car battery.

Cobden instead offered to take Alexander on a drive in the vehicle down a quiet farm road in North Warnborough. However just minutes later, Cobden lost control of the vehicle, driving off the road and hitting a fence panel.

The car flipped, turning 270 degrees, and Alexander suffered fatal injuries, Winchester Crown Court heard.

Anton Allera, from the CPS, said: “Alexander Worth’s death was the tragic result of driver error on the part of Matthew Cobden.

“Following a thorough police investigation the CPS presented evidence to demonstrate the vehicle was in perfect working order prior to the incident. This included evidence from a forensic vehicle examiner and a Ferrari expert who confirmed that there were no pre-collision defects.

“The prosecution case from the outset was that this fatal incident was caused by the driver’s error. After hearing all of the evidence, the jury was satisfied that Cobden’s driving fell below the standard required of a careful and competent driver and therefore returned a guilty verdict.

“Our thoughts are with Alexander’s family and friends at this time.”

Cobden will be sentenced on March 26.

Notes to editors

  • Anton Allera is a District Crown Prosecutor at CPS Wessex
  • Matthew Cobden (DOB 10/11/1978) denied one charge of causing death by careless driving but was convicted by a jury.

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