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Basingstoke man guilty of double murder

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Update 31 March 2022: Stan Elliott was sentenced  today (31 March 2022) at Winchester Crown Court. He was sentenced to life imprisonment and will serve a minimum of 34 years in prison.

A man from Basingstoke has been found guilty of murdering a couple today (4 March 2022) after a trial at Winchester Crown Court.

Stan Elliott, aged 53, murdered Geoff Hibbert (61) and his wife, Michelle Hibbert (29) in a violent and ferocious attack in the early hours of Sunday 20 June 2021, potentially because he found out that Geoff Hibbert was blaming him for a burglary at Buzz Bingo, Basingstoke, where £28,000 was stolen 18 months beforehand.

During the early evening of Saturday 19 June 2021, Geoff and Michelle had asked Stan Elliott if he would babysit their young child for them so that they could have an evening out together.

Elliott agreed to babysit, and the couple left to have an evening out in Reading. They returned home at about 1:30am, but within half an hour were savagely attacked by Elliott, whilst their child remained asleep in a bedroom. Geoff and Michelle both suffered multiple stab wounds.

During the attack, Michelle was able to call the police to report that her and her husband had been stabbed. She bravely mustered enough energy to name Elliott as being the person responsible.

Elliott fled the property before the arrival of the police but was shortly arrested at his home having disposed of clothing that would have undoubtedly forensically linked him to the attacks.

Andrew Eddy, CPS Wessex Senior Crown Prosecutor, said: “The terror and panic that Michelle must have suffered, knowing that her husband had been stabbed, that she herself had been attacked, and that her child was still in their home, is unthinkable. In the circumstances, she must have been extremely brave and strong-willed to have had the determination to call 999.

“Elliott denied being responsible for the murders of Geoff and Michelle Hibbert, despite being named by Michelle whilst she was on the phone to emergency services.

“Following a thorough investigation by the police, the CPS used CCTV and forensic evidence to build a strong case against Elliott, so that a jury were satisfied beyond any reasonable doubt that he was guilty of their murders.

“It is indeed a tragedy that Geoff and Michelle’s child has now lost its parents following a senseless and extreme act of violence. We hope that Geoff and Michelle’s family will feel a small sense of comfort that justice has been delivered today.”

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