PCSO found guilty of misconduct in a public office


Michael Billingham, 30, from Milton Keynes, a former PCSO for Thames Valley Police was today found guilty at Winchester Crown Court of two offences of misconduct in a public office and two offences of obtaining personal data.

In 2016 following an inquiry into Mr Billingham's behaviour over the previous three years while serving as a PCSO, investigators discovered he had had sexual intercourse with two different women while he was on duty, and carried out unauthorised searches on the police computer system.

Following the verdict Rob Welling, Senior Crown Advocate for the Crown Prosecution Service in Wessex said: "Michael Billingham used his role as a PCSO to satisfy his sexual appetite outside of the relationship he had with his long term partner and mother of his children. He was given the key role of providing visible policing in Bletchley but chose instead to abuse the trust placed in him by spending up to an hour each time with two women.

The women he targeted were vulnerable, a fact he was well aware of precisely because of the job he did. By accessing data on the police system when he had no legitimate purpose to do so, he discovered private information about one of the women that caused her real embarrassment.

"She described an occasion when Mr Billingham ignored calls to attend a potentially violent incident. The other described how worthless she felt after he had turned up in his uniform, had sex with her and left.

"His role as PCSO was simple and clear- keeping the communities he was serving safe. However he abused the trust placed in him by Thames Valley Police, which is reflected by the jury's verdicts today.

The public should be reassured that those who occupy and abuse positions like Michael Billingham did, will face prosecution."