Care worker jailed for abusing elderly patient


A care worker who physically abused an elderly patient suffering with dementia was sentenced at Swansea Crown Court today.

Tamara Springett, 59, was convicted of ill treatment/wilful neglect by a care worker, where the court heard how Springett had slapped the 92-year-old lady on the bare buttocks, grabbed her wrist causing pain on occasions, and punched her to the body whilst assisting to wash her.

Dean Quick of the Crown Prosecution Service said: "The defendant was employed to care for someone who had difficulty in caring for herself. Instead of fulfilling that duty, Tamara Springett repeatedly used physical force against an elderly, vulnerable lady.

"The victim was not able to report the abuse herself, but it was thanks to the courage of Springett's colleagues who spoke out about her behaviour, which allowed this prosecution to be brought.

"Tamara Springett continued to deny the offence but the CPS presented a case of evidence to prove her guilt to a jury."

A sentence of six months imprisonment was imposed.