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Young victims and witnesses

Information for young people

Find out what happens to Jerome when he witnesses a robbery at his local shop. You can watch, read or listen to Jerome's story which is called 'Just Deserts'.

What happens when you witness a crime? - Jerome's story - 'Just Deserts'

Information for children

You can download Millie's story as a PDF document so that a grown up can read it to a child as many times as they want. The PDF document also contains a picture to colour in at the end of the story.

When looking at this information with children you may find it helpful to explain the role of people such as the police officer, the Crown Prosecution Service prosecutor, the witness care officer, and the witness service volunteer. The glossary explains the meaning of some common legal words.

Find out what happened to Millie when she was a witness in court

You & Co

This is Victim Support's youth programme that helps young victims and witnesses cope with the impact and effects of crime. You do not have to report the crime to the police to get support from them.

Find out more about You & Co by visiting their website.