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What is The Victims' Code?

If you are the Victim of a crime you can expect:

The crime you have reported to be investigated and to receive information about what happens;

The chance to explain how the crime has affected you, and your interests to be taken into account;

To be treated with respect and sensitivity; to be offered emotional and practical support, if you have to go to court as a witness.

The Victims' Code (PDF)

Resources for victims and witnesses

The following documents give detailed information about how we work and how we make decisions. If you want to find out more detailed information this is a good place to start. More information can be found in the Legal Resources section.

Prosecution policy

Codes of practice relating to victims and witnesses

Special help for victims and witnesses

Meetings with victims and witnesses

Information for victims/witnesses



        Available in the section of this website called 'Publications by other organisations'.

After the hearing

Children and young people


CPS Victim and Witness Satisfaction Survey - September 2015


This survey was commissioned by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) as part of its strategic objective to ensure that its service to victims and witnesses is central to everything it does.

The survey sought to gather the views of victims and witnesses on their experience of the service they received from the CPS during a criminal case in which they were involved. As well as seeking information about the type of case and its outcome, the survey covered the victim's or witness's overall satisfaction levels and views on different stages of the prosecution process.

The Action Plan outlines actions that the CPS intends to take following on from the survey, both internally and across the criminal justice system.


Available to download as Adobe Acrobat PDF.
CPS Victim and Witness Satisfaction Survey - September 2015

Victim and Witness Satisfaction Survey Action Plan - September 2015

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