Victims' Right to Review

There will inevitably be some circumstances when the prosecution has to make a decision to discontinue or substantially alter a charge in a case.  When this happens we will tell victims what we have done and why.  In some of the more serious cases we will offer to meet the victim to explain our decision.  Victims have the right to request a review of a decision to discontinue proceedings or offer no evidence in a case. 

Details of how to request such a review can be found on the main CPS website. Prosecutors will comply with the timescale set out in the Victims' Code when notifying victims of our decisions.

Please note that the scheme applies only in relation to qualifying decisions made on or after 5 June 2013.

Victim and Witness Care

Photo illustrating Victim supportThe criminal justice system relies heavily on the willingness of prosecution witnesses, to give evidence in court, to enable offenders to be brought to justice.  Without witnesses prepared to give evidence in court, all too often cases have to be abandoned, defendants avoid trial and justice is not done.

But appearing in court can be a daunting experience. That is why the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), working with colleagues across the criminal justice system, provide a range of measures to support victims and witnesses in giving their best evidence at court.

The following initiatives are part of the government's ongoing aim to put the needs of victims and witnesses at the heart of the criminal justice system.

Witness Care Units

The launch of the Witness Care Units in the Thames and Chiltern Area, as part of the No Witness No Justice project, means that victims and witnesses now receive one to one support to help them through the sometimes difficult process of giving evidence in court.  More information about Witness Care Units

Useful information

For details of Decision to Charge, Decision to Prosecute, Special Measures, Who is a vulnerable witness, Who is an intimidated witness, Intermediaries, The Code of Practice for Victims of Crime, Direct Communications with Victims, Victim Personal Statements, The Prosecutors Pledge and the Victims' Right to Review, please visit the CPS website.