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Three men who ran over a man and viciously stabbed him to death have been convicted

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Three men who ran over a man and stabbed him in a vicious attack have been found guilty of their part in his death.
The attack started just before 11.20pm on 27 February with what is believed to have been a fight between Luciano Dos Santos Almeida and Michael Yemane and Welid Solomon. They left to seek reinforcements and were joined by Safeen Karimi to track down Mr Almeida in their cars.
They waited for Mr Almeida on an Oxford street corner and as he passed Karimi and Yemane, Solomon drove his car into him. Mr Almeida was then chased down the road by two of the defendants who stabbed the 22-year-old multiple times.
Local residents heard Mr Almeida call out, and tried to help him while they waited for paramedics to arrive. Mr Almeida had been stabbed in the back of the head with such force that the tip of the knife had broken off and was embedded in his skull. He also had several serious stab wounds in his back, arms and legs, and sadly died a few days later from his injuries.
Senior Crown Prosecutor Liz Scriven for the CPS said: “The three defendants clearly planned their vicious attack on Mr Almeida, arming themselves with weapons as they set off to hunt him down.
“CCTV footage captured their movements in the lead up to the attack, and the wealth of witness accounts and forensic evidence we presented in court proved their involvement beyond doubt.”
Liz added: “These men intended to seriously harm Mr Almeida, and they will now have to face the consequences of their actions. We hope today’s convictions provide Mr Almeida’s family with some measure of comfort.”
Forensic evidence presented to the court by the CPS showed that a knife found at the scene had Yemane’s DNA on it, as well as Mr Almeida’s blood. The tip of this knife was missing and was found embedded in Mr Almeida’s skull.
A red coat and jeans seized from Yemane’s home were also found to have the victim’s blood on them, with the latter also having Karimi’s blood on them from when he was injured during the attack.
Michael Yemane and Welid Solomon were convicted of murder and Safeen Karimi has been found guilty of manslaughter at Oxford Crown Court today.

Notes to editors

  • Liz Scriven is a Senior Crown Prosecutor for CPS Thames and Chiltern
  • Michael Yemane (DOB 12/2/1999) and Welid Solomon (DOB 5/10/1993) have today been convicted of murder
  • Safeen Karimi (DOB 8/9/1991) has today been convicted of manslaughter.
  • Welid Solomon was also found guilty of perverting the course of justice, having set fire to a Kia Picanto the day after the attack on Mr Almeida. This is the car that was used to run Mr Almeida over

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