Teens sentenced for murder of 15-year-old boy - Waltham Cross

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A group of teenagers have been sentenced after being found guilty of the murder of a 15-year-old boy.

The five, some of whom were 14 at the time, were convicted of the murder of Jacob Abraham following a trial at St Albans Crown Court on 25 June.

The teenager, of Waltham Cross, Hertfordshire, died on 7 December 2017, after being stabbed eight times with two different knives in an alleyway near his home.

Despite trying to run away from his attackers, Jacob collapsed and died at the scene.

The court heard how the teen was lured to the spot of his murder by one of the boys who called him on his mobile phone before summoning the other four to launch the assault.

Kai Fisher-Dixon, Omarion Stephens, Abdulqualiq Mohamed, Shuayb Mahomud, and Tremayne Grey, all aged 15, were sentenced at the Old Bailey on 27 July.

CCTV from various locations showed the five running from the scene and they were also captured together boarding a bus travelling towards the venue of the stabbing.

Telephone evidence placed Jacob and the group in the same location at the time.

It is believed that Jacob had been involved in a dispute with a local gang in the run up to the stabbing.

The prosecution successfully argued that the murder was a joint enterprise between the five even though it was not known who wielded the knife.

Robbie Weber of the CPS said: “Although only two of the five boys wielded a knife, they are all responsible having lured Jacob there and sharing the joint intention that he should suffer at least really serious harm.

“This group’s actions that night were planned. They were together for some time and travelled together to the area and to this specific, quiet, secluded location.

“This stabbing was not an accident and we were able to prove this with the evidence put before the jury.

“This was a senseless stabbing resulting in the loss of a young life. Their actions will now have a profound effect on their lives as well as the families of all those involved. It is a stark illustration of the catastrophic consequences of carrying and using a knife.

“I hope the convictions will bring some comfort to Jacob’s family.”

Notes to editors

  • Robbie Weber is a Senior Crown Prosecutor for Thames and Chiltern
  • The five, convicted of murder, received life sentences with the following minimum terms to be served at a Young Offender’s Institution:
    • Kai Fisher Dixon (d.o.b. 04/03/2003) - 12 years
    • Shuayb Mahomud (d.o.b. 22/03/2003) - 12 years
    • Tremayne Grey (d.o.b. 02/02/2003) - 14 years
    • Omarion Stephens (d.o.b. 11/11/2002) - 14 years
    • Abdulqualiq Mohomed (d.o.b. 01/10/2002) - 13 years

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