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Film crew member guilty of Warner Bros Studio knife attack

|News, Violent crime

A film crew member who stabbed his co-worker in the neck during a tea break at Warner Bros Studio in Leavesden has been convicted of wounding with intent.

Johnny Walker, 56, attacked stagehand Darren Langford during an argument at the film studio in June 2019, leaving him with a deep neck wound from which he was convinced he was going to die. Mr Langford needed internal and external stitches for the knife injury.

Giving evidence during the trial at St Albans Crown Court, Mr Langford said that Walker had been holding a grudge against him that came to a head during a tea break.

He recalled how, on the day of the attack, Walker deliberately cut in front of him to take the last cup of tea and, when he went to confront him about his behaviour, the defendant accused him of being a ‘grass’ and threatened to kill him.

Thinking Walker was merely going to punch him, Darren Langford pushed him away. He recounted then seeing a Stanley knife in Walker’s hand. He pleaded with the defendant to put the knife down as he tried to dodge backwards; but Walker lunged forward and stabbed him in the neck.

Jan Muller of the Crown Prosecution Service said: “Walker denied intending to wound Mr Langford, but the CCTV evidence we presented in court showed how the argument between the two men escalated, with Walker then taking something from his back pocket and striking at his co-worker’s neck, clearly intending to cause him really serious injury.

“Walker’s vicious attack, which could very easily have had fatal consequences, has had a profound effect on his victim. We hope today’s conviction will go some way to helping him rebuild his life.”

Notes to editors

  • Johnny Walker (DOB 16.8.1964) was convicted of wounding with intent at St Albans Crown Court on 18 March 2021. He will be sentenced on 26 May 2021 at St Albans Crown Court
  • Jan Muller is a Senior Crown Prosecutor with CPS Thames and Chiltern.

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