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Barton-le-Clay man jailed over attempted murder of his partner

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A Barton-le-Clay man who tried to murder his partner by stabbing her repeatedly in the chest and stomach has been jailed today.

Adam Latchford, 56, attacked Melinda Cox one evening last August after the couple returned home from the pub where she worked. As they both got ready for bed, Latchford started to swear at his long-term partner before going downstairs to get a large kitchen knife which he then stabbed her with at the top of the stairs.

Miss Cox managed to get to her mother’s bedroom and call 999. While she was doing this, Latchford stabbed himself. The pair were both taken to hospital and treated for their injuries.

The attack came two months after an incident where Latchford had attempted to suffocate his partner with a pillow. The couple had been celebrating VE day celebrations at a street party in their town. On their return home they had an argument about Latchford’s sister before Miss Cox fell asleep. She awoke to find she couldn’t breathe as her partner held a pillow tightly over her face. When she struggled hard to free herself, Latchford finally stopped attacking her.

Latchford pleaded guilty at a hearing in January to attempted murder and attempting to inflict grievous bodily harm in relation to last summer’s incidents. He has been sentenced to 10 years' imprisonment today at Luton Crown Court.

Evelyn Malayapillay for the Crown Prosecution Service said: “Adam Latchford’s partner should have been safe in her own home, but through last summer his abusive behaviour towards her escalated, culminating in an unprovoked and vicious knife attack which could so easily have had fatal consequences.

“Given the strength of the evidence against him, Latchford realised he had no option but to plead guilty to attempted murder, as well as a charge of attempted grievous bodily harm with intent which we authorised when the other abuse he had inflicted on his partner came to light.”

Evelyn added: “We encourage anyone who is subjected to domestic abuse to report it; we will always prosecute offenders where there is enough evidence to do so.”

Notes to editors

  • Evelyn Malayapillay is a senior crown prosecutor with CPS Thames and Chiltern
  • Adam Latchford (DOB 22/03/1965) pleaded guilty to one count of attempted murder and one count of attempting to inflict grievous bodily harm with intent at Luton Crown Court on in January 2021. Today (17 May 2021), he was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

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