Victims' Right to Review

If a Crown Prosecutor decides not to bring charges, discontinues proceedings or offers no evidence in a case, you have a right to request that we review that decision under the Victims' Right to Review scheme.  Details of how to request such a review can be found on the main CPS website. If you are a victim and would like to exercise your right to request a review of a CPS decision, please email: CPS South East

Please note that the scheme applies only in relation to qualifying decisions made on or after 5 June 2013.

Victims and Witnesses

Victims and witnesses are vital in helping the Crown Prosecution Service to bring people to justice in Kent, Surrey and Sussex and ensuring that they receive the best possible service from the CPS is one of our priorities.

If victims and witnesses are not prepared to give evidence in court, this can lead to the case being abandoned, which means the defendant avoids a trial.

The most common type of witness is someone who has seen a crime take place, although you could also be called to give evidence as a character witness, if you know someone involved in the case, or an expert witnesses, if you have specialist knowledge in a particular subject.

You may feel unsure about what happens in a criminal case and may feel anxious about coming forward and giving evidence in court. There are a range of measures in place to support victims and witnesses in giving their best evidence.

Special measures

Special court measures help a vulnerable or intimidated witness give their evidence in the best way possible.

The main examples are:

  • a screen that prevents the accused person from seeing the witness give evidence
  • a live TV link so that the witness does not have to give evidence in the courtroom

Details about the procedures that follow an investigation into a rape or serious sexual offence are available on our website.

Young witnesses

Witnesses can be any age and it is not unusual for children and young people to be witnesses in the cases we prosecute. Victim Support have a youth programme, called You & Co, which helps young people cope with the impact and effects of crime.