Photograph of a Sussex castleThe CPS has an office in Brighton. Our Sussex team deal with around 2,200 cases each year in the county's Crown Courts. They also handle around 22,000 cases that are heard at the magistrates' courts in Sussex.

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Photograph of the Kent countrysideThe CPS has an office in Canterbury.  On average, our Kent team prosecutes over 27,000 cases in the magistrates' courts and around 2,700 in the Crown Courts in Kent.

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Photograph of Guildford highstreetThe CPS has an office in Guildford. The CPS in Surrey is responsible for taking just under 14,000 cases to the magistrates' courts and they also prosecute approximately 1,400 cases each year at Guildford Crown Court.

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About Us

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) is the main prosecuting authority in England and Wales and aims to ensure that those who commit crime are brought to justice. We also help support the victims of crime.

Nationally, the CPS is led by the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Alison Saunders and is the largest legal employer in the UK.

The CPS has 14 Areas across England and Wales, each led by a Chief Crown Prosecutor (CCP) who takes overall responsibility for the cases prosecuted in their Areas. In the South East Area, we cover the counties of Kent, Surrey and Sussex. We are responsible for:

  • advising Kent, Surrey and Sussex Police on cases for possible prosecution;
  • reviewing cases submitted by the police for prosecution;
  • deciding on the charges in more serious and complex cases;
  • preparing cases for court; and
  • presenting those cases at court.

The CPS is completely independent of any other organisation and decisions on whether to prosecute someone are our sole responsibility. Prosecutors make this decision by following the Code for Crown Prosecutors.

Within the South East, we operate specialist units, such as the South East Complex Casework Unit, which deals with the most serious cases in Kent, Surrey and Sussex and the Rape and Serious Sexual Offences Unit, which deals with rape and serious sexual offence cases across the three counties.