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Nursery worker jailed for sexually abusing children

|News, Sexual offences

A nursery worker has been sentenced to 14 years and 6 months' imprisonment at Exeter Crown Court for sexually abusing children as young as two years old.

Jayden McCarthy was convicted of three counts of rape and 14 counts of sexual assault. His victims included children he was employed to care for at a nursery in Devon and another child not connected to the nursery.

Jayden McCarthy was 16 years old and working as a childcare apprentice when he assaulted girls and a boy aged between two and four years old in a series of incidents during July 2019. The assaults came to light when one of the children told her mother about what had happened at nursery that day.

In the following police investigation, CCTV from the nursery was examined and this showed the assaults that McCarthy had committed. Subsequently, it was discovered that McCarthy had previously raped another child not connected to the nursery.

Andrew Pritchard of the CPS said: “Jayden McCarthy carried out a series of sexual assaults on young children, including those he was employed to care for.”

“The young victims and their families have shown immense courage and I would like to commend their bravery throughout the whole investigation”.

“New measures that were recently introduced provide the option, in some cases, for vulnerable victims and witnesses to pre-record their cross-examination away from the court. This allows them to give their evidence much earlier and means they do not need to attend the trial in person. These measures are invaluable in helping us to support victims and witnesses throughout the trial process.

“We want every victim of rape and sexual assault to be able to come forward with the confidence that support is available and that the police and CPS are dedicated to securing justice for them”.

Notes to editors

  • Jayden McCarthy (D.O.B. 18/08/2002) was convicted of three counts of Rape of a Child Under 13, and 14 Counts of Sexual Assault of a child under 13
  • Andrew Pritchard is a Senior Crown Prosecutor in the Complex Casework Unit of CPS South West.

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