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Man convicted of rape over fifteen years ago in Bristol

|News, Sexual offences

A man has been convicted of the rape and attempted rape of two women that occurred in the early 2000s.

Mohammed Zamani, 52, failed to turn up to a hearing at Bristol Crown Court in 2006 and has been wanted by the police since.

Despite his absence, a trial was held in 2021 where Zamani was found guilty of the rape of a woman in June 2005 and the attempted rape of a woman in December 2003.

In 2003, Zamani attempted to rape a woman in Bristol city centre. DNA evidence was found by the police shortly after the incident.

In 2005, a woman was raped in an alleyway and she was able to find a nearby police officer who she reported it too. DNA evidence was then later found at the scene she took the officer to. 

On the night of the 2005 attack, police officers patrolling the area saw Zamani loitering at night by himself. They later saw him driving in his car and tried to catch up with him but were unable to.

Police identified Zamani as a potential suspect, but when officers went to arrest him, he had already left the country. His car was found at Heathrow Airport and recovered DNA from it matched samples found at both the scenes.

Zamani was arrested in November 2005 after his return to the UK. Further DNA samples were taken from him and were a match to the samples found at both scenes and the recovered car. 

Zamani was charged on 11 November 2005 later appearing in Bristol Crown Court, where he was granted bail. He was due to appear for his next hearing but failed to turn up and has been wanted by the police ever since.

James Ward, Senior Crown Advocate for the Crown Prosecution Service said, ‘’Rape is a horrific crime and we see the traumatic effects on victims every day.

‘’Mohammed Zamani is a dangerous predator who targeted vulnerable women spending hours walking round Bristol in search of victims.

‘’Despite Zamani being missing since 2005, we were able to convict him due to the strength of the victims’ testimony, evidence placing him at both scenes and employing the offender-centric approach which demonstrated he was targeting vulnerable women.

‘’I would like to thank the victims for their incredible bravery.’’

Notes to editors

  • James Ward is a Senior Crown Advocate for CPS South West.

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