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Callum Hill murder - Three men convicted over arranged fight that ended in death

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Three men from Cornwall have been convicted today in relation to the murder of Callum Hill.

Andrew Hatrey and Kristian Humphries were both convicted of Murder and Conspiracy to Commit Violent Disorder. Alexander Billy Humphries was convicted of Conspiracy to Commit Violent Disorder and Grievous Bodily Harm with Intent.

On the evening of 26 March 2020, five men met at an isolated spot in East Cornwall called Kit Hill. They arrived in two separate cars and had brought with them an assortment of weapons ready to use during a fight. The fight was arranged to settle a dispute between Andrew Hatrey and Billy Humphries as Hatrey believed Billy Humphries was linked to someone supplying his daughter with drugs.

Andrew Hatrey and Kristian Humphries arrived in one car with Billy Humphries, Callum Hill and Daniel Humphries, who was not convicted, arriving in another. Billy and Daniel Humphries are brothers but are not known by or related to Kristian Humphries. 

During the course of the fight Callum Hill, a friend of Billy Humphries, was brutally assaulted by Andrew Hatrey and Kristian Humphries with an array of weapons including a cricket bat, knife, and wooden stick, leaving him with injuries so severe that he would die in hospital a few days later. 

During the altercation that night Andrew Hatrey also sustained severe injuries after Billy Humphries drove his car directly at Hatrey and Kristian Humphries. Hatrey was struck by the car, hit the ground, and was run over. Kristian Humphries was also hit by the car and was forcefully thrown over the bonnet and roof of the car but surprisingly only sustained minor injuries. The brothers then drove away from the scene leaving Callum Hill, Kristian Humphries and Andrew Hatrey badly injured. 

Earlier that day, Kristian Humphries had been walking with his partner when Hatrey pulled up in his car and said it was all “kicking off at Kit Hill”. Humphries consequently joined Hatrey in his car to travel to Kit Hill for the fight. Unsurprisingly, given what his partner had heard, she was worried about what might be happening. Therefore she asked a neighbour to take her there and on arrival they could see that Hatrey was in a bad way, prone on the flood bleeding from his head. Due to the darkness they could not see Callum Hill, who was unconscious on the floor metres away. They decided to call 999 for Hatrey, and whilst on the call Kristian Humphries was objecting to the emergency services being contacted as he did not want the police involved. Shortly after the phone call was made an ambulance crew arrived and took Hill to hospital. During the time it took for the ambulance to arrive Kristian Humphries managed to pull Hatrey into his car and make a getaway from the scene. 

Helen Phillips of the CPS said: “The defendants arranged to meet for a fight at an isolated spot in Cornwall. They arrived with weapons and were intent on using them, with the altercation ending in the senseless killing of Callum Hill. He was viciously assaulted and left alone and unconscious at Kit Hill, later dying in hospital from his injuries.

“CPS South West and Devon and Cornwall Police worked closely to build this complex case with vast amounts of forensic and pathology evidence helping to establish the cause of death and role of each defendant in the fight. 

“This brutal attack has been very difficult for the Hill family as this occurred over a year ago and has taken time for case to come to trial due to complexities of the investigation. Today our thoughts are with Callum Hill’s loved ones and we hope they feel justice has now been served.”

Notes to editors

  • Helen Phillips is a Senior Crown Prosecutor for CPS South West.
  • Andrew Hatrey (DOB: 18/10/1982) from Callington in Cornwall, was convicted of Murder and Conspiracy to Commit Violent Disorder. 
  • Kristian Humphries (DOB: 07/06/1990) from Gunnislake in Cornwall was convicted of Murder and Conspiracy to Commit Violent Disorder.
  • Alexander Billy Humphries (DOB: 31/10/1993) from Callington in Cornwall was convicted of Conspiracy to Commit Violent Disorder and Grievous Bodily Harm with Intent.

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