Burglar who attacked 96-year-old convicted of attempted murder

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A burglar who attacked a 96-year-old man with a hammer whilst stealing items from his home has been convicted of attempted murder today (25 May).

Joseph Isaacs, 40, went to the home of Jim Booth in Taunton, Somerset on 22 November 2017 and suggested he needed repairs to his roof.

When Mr Booth declined, Isaacs pushed his way into his home, shouting “money, money, money” and attacked him with a claw hammer.

Isaacs left Mr Booth injured, stealing his wallet and fleeing the property. The victim suffered a number of skull fractures, had bleeds to the brain and deep wounds to both his arms. He also had a fracture in his right hand.

Following the incident, Isaacs used Mr Booth’s bank cards, to buy fast food, shopping and cigarettes, Taunton Crown Court heard.

Mark Major, from the CPS, said: “Joseph Isaacs attacked a vulnerable elderly man in his home, leaving him for dead on his living room floor so that he could search his home for money and valuables.

“Isaacs admitted he attacked Mr Booth and used his bank cards following the burglary but denied attempted murder. The CPS showed in court that Isaacs had intended to kill Mr Booth, producing evidence from doctors that showed the force and severity of the attack and his injuries.”

Isaacs was sentenced to 16 years' imprisonment and 4 years' extended licence.

Notes to editors

  • Mark Major is a Senior Crown Prosecutor in CPS South West
  • Joseph Isaacs (DOB: 14/01/1978) pleaded guilty to aggravated burglary, seven counts of fraud and causing grievous bodily harm with intent
  • Isaacs denied attempted murder but was convicted by a jury
  • Sentencing:
    • Attempted murder: 16 years' imprisonment, 4 years' extended licence
    • Aggravated burglary: 8 years' imprisonment (concurrent)
    • Fraud x 7: 12 months each (all concurrent).

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