Woman who stalked ex-boyfriend in Brighton jailed


A woman who orchestrated stalking campaigns against her former boyfriend and a woman she believed to be his new partner has been jailed for four years today (Nov 22).
Lina Tantash, 44, was sentenced at Lewes Crown Court following her conviction at a trial held at Brighton Magistrates’ Court in September 2018.
The court heard she called her ex-boyfriend hundreds of times on an almost daily basis for nearly a year and sent him numerous texts, telling him she was in Brighton and asking to meet him.
The contact then became more abusive and culminated in her hiring a private detective, trying to damage his career, turning up uninvited to his work party and threatening to kill herself.
Tantash also stalked a woman she believed was her ex-boyfriend’s new partner, sending her abusive emails, plaguing her with threatening calls at work and ordering substantial amounts of food to her workplace, in her name.
Felicity Lineham, from the CPS, said:
“Lina Tantash carried out an orchestrated campaign of stalking over a prolonged period of time, which had a massive impact on the lives of her victims.
“As a result of Tantash’s obsessive behaviour, her ex-boyfriend moved country and addresses to escape her and has had to change his contact details numerous times. Tantash was relentless in trying to contact him, even offering money to people he worked with in exchange for his new number.
“Tantash became obsessed that her former partner had started a new relationship and then persistently targeted the woman in her workplace, making her life a misery.
“Her behaviour was carefully planned to cause maximum distress but all the time she saw nothing wrong with what she was doing or the impact it was having on her victims.
“We hope today’s sentencing allows both victims to move on with their lives.”

Notes to editors

•    Felicity Lineham is the Stalking and Harassment Lead for CPS South East
•    Lina Tantash [DOB: 09/08/74] was convicted of two charges of stalking involved serious alarm/distress

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