Tunbridge Wells man guilty of murdering his neighbour

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Maidstone Crown Court heard that Gordon Locke (28) attacked Gordon Farnes, who lived in the flat downstairs from him in Sherwood Road, on 17 July 2018, despite the fact that he had never previously spoken to him face to face.

The victim, who was stabbed and suffered injuries consistent with punching, kicking and stamping, had suffered ongoing problems with noise from the flat above since Locke had moved in a year earlier. He had also applied to be moved to another address, spending time at his parents’ home to escape the noise.

David Skelton, from the CPS, said: “The defendant made a number of different admissions after he attacked Gordon Farnes, regularly contradicting himself.

“Amongst his many claims were that he acted in self-defence and that he had been attacked by the victim. The prosecution was able to demonstrate these were lies.

“There was no forensic evidence to suggest that the victim had inflicted any injuries before he was killed and, rather than acting in self-defence, the defendant made a conscious decision to pick up the murder weapon, before leaving his property to commit this offence. 

“The truth was that Locke lost his temper and was intent on killing his victim or at least inflicting serious injury on him and he has now been brought to justice for his actions.” 

Notes to editors

  • David Skelton is a Senior Crown Prosecutor with CPS South East
  • Gordon Locke [DOB: 22/05/1990] was convicted of one charge of murder.  

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