Man who drove into nightclub guilty of attempted murder

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A man who deliberately drove his car into customers at a nightclub, injuring eight people, has been convicted of attempted murder.

Mohammed Abdul, 21, was thrown out of Blake’s in Gravesend on the night of Saturday 17 March 2018 – but refused to leave and threatened to kill door staff.

He returned ten minutes later in a Suzuki Vitara and manoeuvred down an alleyway alongside the club, the jury at Maidstone Crown Court heard. Security staff attempted to stop him as clubbers scrambled out of his way to avoid being run over.

Abdul then stopped and waited before accelerating into a marquee, which was being used as a dancefloor, hitting a number of people. He was then dragged out of the car and detained by door staff and members of the public.

Libby Clark, from the CPS, said: “It was the prosecution’s case that the defendant made a determined and deliberate attempt to kill people who offered no threat to him by using his car as a weapon. 

“Not only did he carefully and deliberately manoeuvre his car into a relatively narrow alleyway, but he stopped and waited nine seconds, before then driving into people at considerable speed. That gave him time to consider what he was about to do.

“It was sheer luck that no one was killed that night, but the impact on those caught up cannot be underestimated.

“Aside from the physical injuries they suffered, they had to experience the nightmare of having a car hurtle towards them with no warning as they were enjoying a night out.”

Notes to editors

  • Libby Clark is a Senior Crown Prosecutor in CPS South East’s Complex Casework Unit.
  • Mohammed Abdul [DOB: 10/03/1997] was convicted of two counts of attempted murder.


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