Man convicted of murdering his ex-wife and mother in ‘execution-style’ shooting

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A man has been jailed for life with a minimum term of 38 years in prison after being convicted of murdering his ex-wife and her mother in an “execution-style” shooting at their home.

Craig Savage, 35, was convicted today (October 29) following a trial at Lewes Crown Court. The jury heard he used a semi-automatic rifle, stolen from a nearby gun range, after he threatened a member of staff with the weapon.

He then drove to the home of his ex-wife Michelle Savage in St Leonards-on-Sea, where Michelle and her mother Heather were both shot multiple times. Michelle’s younger sister and her grandmother, who were also in the home at the time, were able to hide and were physically unharmed.

Savage then pointed the stolen weapon at a police officer after leaving the house and tried to pull the trigger, but the firing mechanism appeared to jam.

He denied murder, claiming that the gun went off by accident as he struggled with his wife.

Claire Prodger, from the CPS, said: “The CPS and police were able to build a strong case showing Savage intended to kill his victims, which rebutted his defence that it was an accident.

“After stealing the gun, Savage drove immediately to Michelle’s home and broke in. Not only did he shoot both his victims a number of times, but he changed the magazine in the gun, an action he could not later account for in police interviews. He also failed to give either victim any medical assistance or call 999 after the shooting.

“Michelle’s sister gave evidence to the court and we appreciate how difficult it must have been for her to recount what happened, but having done so, she has helped to ensure that Craig Savage has been brought to justice and convicted of murder.”

Notes to editors

  • Claire Prodger is a lawyer in the CPS South East Complex Casework Unit
  • Craig Savage [DOB: 21/02/1983] was convicted of:
    • Two counts of murder
  • He pleaded guilty to robbery in relation to the stolen firearm.

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