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Sustainable Development Policy

This policy has been agreed by the Director's Board and the CPS' sustainable development Minister. The policy applies to the whole Department, its functions, management and staff, and is consistent with the UK Strategy for Sustainable Development.

Departmental responsibility is jointly taken by the CPS' sustainable development Minister and the Director. All accountable managers within Areas, Service Centres and Headquarters will be required to review and report annually on their progress in supporting this policy. The CPS' Finance Directorate (Estates and Procurement Division) has the authority to oversee the implementation of this Policy and is responsible for its maintenance and continued improvement.

The CPS supports and actively contributes to the UK Strategy for Sustainable Development, which has five guiding principles:

  • Living Within Environmental Limits
  • Ensuring a Strong Healthy and Just Society
  • Achieving a Sustainable Economy
  • Promoting Good Governance
  • Using Sound Science Responsibly

The Department will promote and monitor this policy by:

  • Extending the scope, and better integration of all aspects of sustainable development into its business activities;
  • Ensuring that its Public Sector Agreement targets contribute to sustainable development objectives;
  • Screening its policies and proposals for sustainable development impacts and recording all screenings and actions undertaken;
  • Requiring Areas, Service Centres and Headquarters to report on sustainable development in their annual reports and to appoint, as required, representatives to CPS' sustainable development advisory group;
  • Publishing an annual update on sustainable development within the CPS' Annual Report, and the Law Officers' Department Annual Report;
  • Meeting all relevant statutory regulations and official codes of practice;
  • Establishing relevant annual targets, from those set by Government, against which performance can be measured, monitored and progress audited;
  • Raising awareness both internally and externally to the CPS, the benefits of adopting sustainable development polices and practice.

This Policy has been produced to help ensure that the CPS' aims are widely understood and to introduce positive sustainable development measures, that are effectively integrated into the work of the CPS.

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