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6 Higher Court Advocates Application

6.1 The options in the data entry screen are:

  • Input HCA data - enables users to input sessions data
  • HCA Costs screen - gives a summary of costs by Branch
  • HCA Case Types Screen - gives a summary by case type
  • Area Summary Report - gives an overall summary for the Area
  • Advocate Summary Report - gives a summary for each HCA
  • Court Summary Report - gives a summary for use of HCAs by court
  • Calculate HCA Summary Data - enable users to update the summary data
  • Return to Main Menu - allows users to return to the main menu

Input HCA Data

6.2 Use this screen to input the data from individual sessions. The data for a number of sessions and a number of HCAs can be input at one time. Some of the input fields provide a list for you to select from. Use the mouse rather than the TAB key to move between the input fields. The fields are:

  • Date - enter as indicated - dd/mm/yy
  • Branch - click on the arrow and select
  • Court - click on the arrow and select
  • Advocate Name - click on the arrow and select. (If the advocate is new, type the name in the space beside the arrow. It will be added to the database automatically.)
  • Advocate Level - click on the arrow and select
  • Arrival time - enter as indicated - hh:mm
  • Departure time - enter as indicated - hh:mm
  • Travel time - enter in minutes
  • Notional T&S - input as a number
  • Recalculate - click here to update the automatic fields before clicking on the icon in the top left of the screen to save the daily log

6.3 To input the individual case data from the daily log, place the cursor in the first cell in the Case No column and double-click. This will bring up the input screen. Place the cursor in the Case Number input field and double-click. The fields are:

  • Case Number - type the case number
  • Defendant's name - type the name – leave out any apostrophes e.g. OHARA, ONEILL
  • Hearing type - click on the arrow and select
  • Preparation time - input the preparation for the individual defendant
  • Duration time - input the length of the hearing in minutes
  • Outcome - click on the arrow to and select from the limited list of outcomes Note: the list will display only those outcomes that can arise from the selected hearing type
  • Counsel fees - input the notional counsel fee
  • OK - click to return to the Input HCA Data screen

6.4 To input the next defendant, place the cursor on the number 1 in the first row and double click to create a second row. Double click in the first blank cell of the new row to call up the input screen again. Double click on the 2 to input a third defendant, and so on.

6.5 You can correct an entry by double clicking on the first cell in the row to re-enter the input screen. When you are sure all the data has been input correctly, click on the icon in the top left of the screen to save all the data. Make sure you have input the data correctly before clicking on the icon. Once you have saved the data, the figures cannot be altered.

6.6 Leave the HCA Input screen by clicking on the blue button in the top-left of the screen. Click on the Calculate HCA Summary Data to update all the summary reports for the month. Select the relevant month and click on OK, then Cancel.

Summary Reports

6.7 There are several summary reports. They contain essentially the same information organised according to the different measures. The information is:

  • Time - the month of the court hearing
  • Organisational unit - Area and Branches/Units
  • Period - base data - quarter ending - year to date

The reports then organise the data according to the individual measure: case type, branch, advocate name, or court.