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Freedom of Information Release 47 dated 25/08/20 - CPS training concerning naturist material/naturism



I would like to enquire as to what training you have concerning naturist material/naturism please?

As I'm sure you are aware, such matters can have extremely serious consequences, especially if someone is accused of committing a crime! It can lead to miscarriages of justice.

Please provide copies in printed format (twice) and electronically.


At present the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) Central Legal Training Team (CLTT), which delivers legal training across the Service, does not deliver any training in relation to naturist material or naturism.

Under section 16 of the FOI Act we have an obligation to advise what, if any, information may assist you with your request. You may find the following link useful which is our legal guidance regarding nudity in public and the way in which we handle naturism cases.

Information Management Unit

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