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Freedom of Information Release 46 dated 21/08/20: Payments made to charities for the last financial year



For the last financial year, please state the total sum paid (whether as donations, payments under a contract or otherwise) to the following charities:

  • Action Aid 
  • Children in Need 
  • Diversity UK 
  • Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust 
  • Mermaids 
  • Mencap 
  • Mind 
  • National Deaf Children's Society 
  • National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children 
  • Prison Advice and Care Trust 
  • Prison Reform Trust 
  • Race Equality Foundation 
  • Shelter 
  • Stonewall UK 
  • Women's Aid
  • Response

In response, the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) has made the following payments in the last financial year (2018-2019) to Mind and Stonewall UK. Please see table below.

OrganisationPayment Made 
Stonewall UK£6,000

It should be noted that the payment of £9,420 made to Mind is for the provision of training while the £6,000 made to Stonewall UK is for subscription fees.

In relation to the other charity organisations listed in your request, the CPS does not hold any payment information whether as donations, under a contract or otherwise as outlined in your request.

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