Working With You

We aim to provide a high quality prosecution service to the public in Cumbria, Lancashire and Greater Manchester by bringing offenders to justice and helping to reduce crime. 

We also want to provide the best possible service to victims and witnesses in the North West.  We work with our local communities so that we have a better understanding of how crime affects them and so that we can explain the role of the CPS and the work we do.

We have set up Local Scrutiny Involvement Panels (LSIPs), which include members of the public and members of voluntary organisations who represent different parts of our communities across Cumbria, Greater Manchester and Lancashire.  We meet and consult the LSIPs about our policies and discuss different aspects of our work with them, listening to their views and feedback and taking these into consideration when we develop policies and training for our staff.

We work with voluntary organisations who support victims of certain kinds of crime, such as hate crime, sexual violence or domestic violence.  Their input into our work is vital to help us improve the service we give to victims and witnesses.

We welcome invitations to meet with groups and organisations in the North West and we attend events, give presentations and answer questions about the work of the CPS.

The Working With You section of our website gives more information about:

  • the Community Engagement activities we are involved in
  • how we are working with other organisations to improve how we deal with hate crimes
  • schools' projects led by CPS North West to help young people explore issues about hate crime