Conman jailed for ten years for exploiting grief-stricken families


A conman who exploited the grief of bereaved families to defraud them of thousands of pounds has been sentenced today at Durham Crown Court.

Simon Delow, 48, of Brockworth, Gloucester, was sentenced to 10 years after pleading guilty to 10 counts of fraud. The charges relate to a series of deceptions in which Delow contacted three different families who had lost loved ones abroad in unresolved circumstances, including one family from County Durham, claiming to be a private investigator specialising in such cases.

During the course of his 'investigations,' Delow manufactured false evidence to suggest that the truth behind the deaths had been covered up by local authorities. This included falsifying interviews with medical examiners and, in one case, advocating for a full forensic post-mortem examination, which Delow claimed he could arrange on the family’s behalf.

Tracy Easton of the CPS said: "The offending by Simon Delow was a particularly cruel and exploitative form of fraud. Delow manipulated the emotions of several families who were still grieving from the loss of loved ones, drip-feeding them false glimmers of hope in his callous efforts to extract large sums of money from them.

"Through his actions Simon Delow has intruded upon, and significantly aggravated, the grief and suffering of each of these families for his own selfish gain. We sincerely hope that the sentence passed today provides a measure of comfort to all of those affected by these horrendous deceptions."