Two men jailed for causing death of nine year old girl

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Two men have today been sentenced to four years each at Burnley Crown Court for causing death by dangerous driving of nine year old Aleena Kauser on Bacup Road, Rawtenstall on 18th September 2015.

23 year old Mohsen Saddique who was driving a VW Golf and 20 year old Adil Manir who was driving a Audi A5 were racing each other at speeds of between 55 and 64mph at around 5pm.  After almost colliding with another car Manir mounted the pavement and struck a mother and daughter. Another family member was present but was not injured.

Adil Manir who pleaded guilty at an earlier hearing was sentenced to four years. Mohsen Saddique who was found guilty following an eight day trial at Burnley Crown Court was sentenced to four years.

Tom Snape, Senior Crown Prosecutor for CPS North West said: "This is a tragic case whereby a nine year old girl who was walking along the street with her mother and cousin was hit by an out of control car and sadly lost her life.

"Mohsen Saddique and Adil Manir both undertook a very dangerous course of action by driving at around twice the speed limit in a busy built up area.  

"Saddique was tailgating Manir actively encouraging him to drive faster and more dangerously. Manir overtook a Corsa on a pedestrian crossing, which resulted in the driver of a Zaffira losing control of his car.  Manir then immediately swerved, lost control of his Audi and mounted the pavement before ploughing into Aleena and her mother.

"Both men showed complete disregard for all other road users when they used their cars to race with each other.  Even though only one car actually struck Aleena, they are both culpable for her fatal injuries. Today as they begin their sentences, they must now face up to the consequences of their reckless actions. 

"Although no sentence could ever compensate for the terrible loss Aleena's family and loved ones have suffered, I hope that the conclusion of this case will bring them some sense of closure and that justice has been served.  My thoughts are very much with them at this time.

"This case serves as an example of the catastrophic consequences of dangerous driving.  The CPS and police are dedicated to bringing to justice those who do not drive safely on our roads."

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