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Oldham man jailed for manslaughter

|News, Violent crime

Jamie Kennedy, 24 from Oldham, has been jailed today at Manchester Crown Court following the death of 60-year-old Robert Payne.

Kennedy admitted punching Robert Payne outside his house in Derker, Oldham on the morning of 15 October 2021.

Kennedy, along with friends, attended Robert Payne’s address in the early hours of the 15 October and they all drank alcohol together.

An argument broke out when Kennedy became aggressive to a woman in the house. Robert intervened and Kennedy pushed him onto the couch. The argument spilled out onto the street where Kennedy was seen to punch Robert to the face, Robert fell to the floor and banged his head on the pavement. Kennedy then continued to punch Robert as he lay on the floor unconscious. Despite the best efforts of the emergency services, who treated Robert for a traumatic brain injury, he was pronounced dead on 18 October 2021.

The Pathologist confirmed that it was very likely that the blow to the head which led Robert to fall backwards and hit his head on the pavement was the cause of his death, although the additional blows, could only have worsened his condition.

Amanda Hilton, partner of Robert Payne said in her Victim Impact Statement: "I can’t imagine my life without Bob. I can’t see what my future will look like. I just want Bob back. I want to turn back time and go back to when Bob was here with me."

Kennedy pleaded guilty to manslaughter on 21 January 2022. He was today (5 August) sentenced to four years and eight months imprisonment.

Lauren Costello, Senior District Crown Prosecutor for North West CPS said: "Robert Payne tragically lost his life after he was punched to the floor by Jamie Kennedy. He continued this brutal attack with multiple punches whilst Robert was unconscious on the floor.

"Though nothing can make up for the loss of Robert, I hope his loved ones can take some comfort in knowing that Jamie Kennedy has been brought to justice for his violent actions. Our thoughts are with them at this time.

"The CPS is committed to securing justice for those who partake in such needless violence."

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