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Man jailed for murdering baby daughter

|News, Violent crime

A 29-year-old man has jailed for 16 years for murdering his four-month-old daughter in Layton, Blackpool in December 2020.

Jordan Lee told police Willow had rolled off a sofa and landed on a bottle while he was playing a computer game at his home in Layton on 3 December 2020. He later told the court that the injuries may also have been caused when he dropped Willow as he ran upstairs or during CPR when she became unresponsive.

Willow died at Blackpool Victoria Hospital three days later after sustaining a bleed on her brain.

Neighbours heard a baby crying, a man shouting at her to shut up, then a series of bangs before the house fell silent.

The medical evidence presented to the court by the prosecution showed that the injuries sustained were not caused accidentally.

Victoria Agullo for the CPS said: "This is a tragic case involving the death of a small defenceless baby at the hands of the person who should have loved and cared for her. He lost control when she wouldn’t stop crying and caused her catastrophic head injuries.

"Jordan Lee has shown no remorse throughout the case and spun a web of lies around what happened that day, but after hearing all the evidence, the jury found him guilty of her murder.

"The prosecution team worked tirelessly to achieve justice for Willow. Our thoughts remain with her mother and all those affected by her death."

Notes to editors

  • Victoria Agullo is a Senior Crown Prosecutor for CPS North West.

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